Mothball and Chartered Surveyors Roberts Vain Wilshaw have formed a working partnership with the aim of providing landlords and property owners with regular and specialised guidance on all aspects of business rates. The business rates landscape has changed dramatically as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Obtain some clarity on the current position and get advice directly from the experts:

For all occupied rates matters – Roberts Vain Wilshaw are Chartered Surveyors who specialise in business rates, minimising liability through reducing Rateable Values and obtaining Reliefs and Exemptions.

Mothball and Roberts Vain Wilshaw will also liaise with your advisors to improve your initial cash flow whilst any rates appeal action that you may have taken is underway. Unlike any temporary occupation solution, the Mothball rates mitigation process has no impact on rates appeals and has the benefit of providing a fall-back contingency if your appeal turns out to be unsuccessful.

Mothball and Roberts Vain Wilshaw will provide you with a truly holistic rating solution. ‘Best in class’ business rates specialists will explore the most effective solution to minimise your business rates liability, including:

– Achieving rateable value deletions

– Effective date challenges

– Splits and or mergers

– Completion Notice advice

The combined expertise will provide you with a robust, effective and comprehensive business rates solution.

For all vacant rates matters – Mothball are a team of experienced property professionals who specialise in reducing the costs of holding vacant commercial property. Our unique market-proven mitigation process delivers the highest net saving of any scalable, sustainable business rates mitigation strategy in the market today. For thirteen years we have provided a solution to hundreds of clients and applied it to thousands of properties, having never failed in our objective – there have been no exceptions. We save 100% of the rates payable and deliver a 70% to 75% net saving to our clients.