Are you paying business rates on an empty property?

We provide market-proven solutions that will remove or significantly reduce your vacant rates liability.

Mothball has saved landlords 100s of £millions to date

Our team has a combined 50+ years experience

100% success rate over the last 15 years

We will remove or significantly reduce your rates liability

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How do the Mothball solutions work?

  • We provide a tenant company that will enter into a fit for purpose lease and will unobtrusively occupy the property.
  • The tenant company has a commercial purpose from which, in addition to mitigation, the landlord stands to benefit.
  • All arrangements have been meticulously worded to be clear and transparent to all parties.
  • The devices used are legally effectively and will remove or significantly reduce the liability.

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Why choose Mothball?

  • We will remove or significantly reduce your rates liability
  • Our success rate is 100%
  • Landlords receive commercial benefits in addition to mitigation
  • Higher net saving than alternatives
  • Innovators in rates mitigation solutions since 2008

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Remove your rates liability

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