Our solutions remove or significantly reduce landlords’ empty rates liability

Mothball’s 3 simple steps to remove or significantly reduce your empty rates

Step 1

Feel free to call us, or using the link at the bottom of this page, upload your rates demand.

Step 2

Fill in a simple form using the link at the foot of this page to allow our team to determine which of our solutions will best suit you.

Step 3

Complete the paperwork that we send you – we will take care of the rest.

Mothball provides a tenant company that will enter into a fit for purpose lease on and will unobtrusively occupy the property.

All arrangements have been meticulously worded to be clear and transparent to all parties.

The tenant company has a commercial purpose, from which in addition to rates mitigation, the landlord stands to benefit.

The devices used are legally effective and will remove or significantly reduce the rates liability.

Our fit for purpose lease

Our leases are legally effective devices. Terms may vary dependant on the solution provided but all leases have the following common features:

  1. Prepared and drafted at our cost
  2. Grant the sole rights to beneficial occupation
  3. Where applicable contain a full or partial break clause
  4. The only liability that transfers to the tenant is the rates, all other liabilities remain with landlord, i.e. insurance, security, utilities, etc.
  5. £1 per year rent (if demanded)
  6. Outside of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
  7. Not registered with the Land Registry

Completion of the lease will result in a significant reduction or the complete removal of your rates liability.

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