What are empty rates?

Empty Rates Liability: If a building is not in use and all inventory and effects have been withdrawn, it is classified as empty/unoccupied (apart from fixtures and fittings). At this point, the rates liability is transferred from the tenant to the landlord, as regardless of the fact that there is no tenant in the property the rates still need to be paid. Fortunately, our unique solution exists which allows us to remove your rates liability in its entirety. Thus, saving landlords a considerable amount of money. 

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How Mothball removes your empty rates liability

Empty rates is a complex area of business rates to understand. Empty rates is essentially a specialism within a specialism. The company that you chose to help you navigate your way through the empty rates industry must be well respected. It is of paramount importance that the company you select has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the appropriate procedures, laws and case law in order to provide you with the best possible results. Fortunately, Mothball’s solution ticks all of these boxes. Our lease has proven to be a legally effective device in the High Court, The Court of Appeal and with local authorities.

How can we help you minimise your empty business rates liability?

We will enter your property into our process. You will not receive a single rates demand while your property is still within our process. If you would like some more information on how our process works you can reach out to one of our rates specialists at our contact us page.Our specialists will be more than happy to discuss in detail with you the opportunities that may present for you to make savings. There will undoubtedly be more questions from you about how our lease actually works. The inner workings of our lease are very complicated and would require a meeting for us to explain this to you in more detail. However, our how it works page will be able to provide you with more of an understanding about how we are able to save landlords so much money on their empty rates bill.

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Our track record

Mothball has saved landlords over £100 million to date. Our team has a 100% success rate with all of our clients, which is unsurprising given that we have over 50 years experience amongst our team. We have NEVER encountered a vacant commercial property where we haven’t been able to remove the rates liability. We’ll remove your rates liability in its entirety.